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Is your business about youth, energy and commanding of the attention? Do you want to catch every one’s eye at night? Do you shine bright? Then neon signs are the perfect match for your business. A staple of pop culture and carrying a frenetic personality of their own, nothing gets the job done quite like neon signs. Sign Center Boston has designed and manufactured neon signs for years now and know how much fun attitude they bring.


In terms of advertisement, nothing brans quite as easily as neon signs. You need a single good idea and your sign could become iconic. We can make this happen for you. Browse through our completed projects to see what you can gain with your neon sign. The design options are endless. You can choose from any size, shape and color under the sign. The only limit is your imagination and budget.


But don’t worry about cost, because Sign Center Boston has a precise and simple to use three level system that matches your budget size with available services to bring your idea to life. You have a choice from basic, design and artistic for your sign’s creation. All projects have a short turnaround of just two days as our designers work in Bulgaria, benefiting from a 7 hour head start already. The production is handled by top US manufacturers, who work with safe and durable components to create energy-efficient, durable neon signs.


For any questions, please call this number 617-254-9600 to discuss your project in detail!

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