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There’s more to advertising than posters, cars, walls and signs. Yes, these are the foundation of any successful business, but thinking outside the box brings in its own rewards. The largest advertising space most companies fail to use as their platforms is beneath your customers feet. Floor graphics are rare and a well-executed campaign can drive traffic to your front door and turn your business into a star overnight.

Sign Center New York has specialized in cutting high grade vinyl lettering and designs, which can be applied directly on floors and sidewalks. Have a look through our portfolio with some of the projects we’ve already completed. When it comes to floor graphics, you have complete freedom in the design department.

Tells us your vision and within two days you’ll see a complete working design. To make sure anyone can benefit from this service, we work with a three level design system. You have a choice from basic, designed and artistic levels, which fit budget of different sizes.  

What we promise and deliver is quality. All approved designs travel to the finest factories in the country, which operate with the latest printing technology and use the most durable of the vinyl types – the 3M adhesive vinyl. This non-slip, tear-resistant material makes your designs go the distance and survive the constant traffic, weather conditions and damage.

Want to discuss this service or place an order? Just dial 617-254-9600 and we’ll make sure you have designs that lead people to your front door. 

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