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We completed a big full color wall mural in Naga Gallery
Big full color wall mural for Naga Gallery

We just completed a big 17’x10’ full color wall mural in Naga Gallery. The print come from a 56 MB file provided by the artist. It took us 3 days to print, over-laminate and install the graphic. The client was very pleased with the final output!

Design Team
Design Team of Sign Center Boston Our Design Team now has 5 departments! - Logo Design - Graphics Design - Photography - Web Design - SEO By offering 3 levels of design, we can fit your project in any budget! Having all under one roof, makes it easier to complete the projects faster and on time....
Updating and redesign our website
Update and redesign of Sign Center Boston's website The company now has a new web site. Here is the new, complete list of products:  - Lobby Signs - Storefronts -Trade Shows - Displays - Vehicles - Banners - Door Signs - Window Signs - Wall Signs - Floor Signs - Posters - Illuminated Signs - Directional - A-Frames - Construction Sign...
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