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All serious companies think about how to brand themselves and establish their hold over their company buildings and headquarters. Walls become the place where most companies show an interest in design work and it’s become a practice to hang large logos to mark their territory. A business building with a logo is a building that means business. Brand your office space in a way that impresses everyone that comes through your front doors.


You have a choice between plastic and metal logos depending on what you’re going for. All logos are designed by our veteran designers who have been developing brand personalities for the past twenty years and know how to make you stand out. You select everything about the logos – their material, their size, their thickness, the font and the finish. Tell us how you see your logo and in just two days, we’ll provide you with a finished concept. It’s speed and high quality rolled into one.


All projects are sent for production to our American partner-factories, which have experience working with both plastic and metal. The logos we provide are extremely durable and suitable for every environment. Depending on your budget, you have three options for design that are directly linked to how much you have to spend. Whether it’s basic, designed or the highest, artistic, you can be sure you’re certain you receive the care and treatment you deserve.


Do you have any questions? Please dial 617-254-9600 and we’ll walk you through the process one step at a time so you’re paired with a logo that takes your customer’s breath away.

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