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Have you opened doors to the public officially? Do you look to establish yourself in your chosen field? The best way to attract customers and brand yourself from as early as possible is to add your company ID as a sign on your door. Sign Center Boston helps you create a lasting image of your business in the minds of all those who visit.


You’re in charge on the design front. You can either sent us a finished logo or you can work with our design team to create one. The logo allows for much customization although it needs to be said that the most contrasting and easy to read colors are gold and white complete with black outline. Nevertheless, we can cut a logo with the colors as close as possible to those of your company. You can choose to print on vinyl as well on fake gold leaf and 23K gold leaf.


Our production team consists of the veteran US manufacturers who work with the latest in printing technology to produce a long-lasting signage. Not only do we work with a variety of materials, but provide you with a rich colection of pre-manifactured vinyls as 3M, Gerber, Arlon, Carlon, Avery, Oracle. As you can see the possibilities for customization are endless.


With our unique lettering you can etch the name of your company right from the get-go for instant recognition later on. To discuss the prospect of your company ID signs, please call us at 617-254-9600 and an operator will walk you through the process.

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