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Construction companies make things to last and that’s why they need signs that do just that – last for as long as they need to. Wooden signs come to save the day! There’s no denying that a wooden sign brings in character in an age that relies on plastic and metal. The material with which you brand yourself matters as much as the logo itself and no single material carries the history wood does.


Sign Center Boston designs and crafts wooden signs for your construction site, you can claim the ground you’re building on the old fashioned way. We work with complete designs or you can request a customized sign to be designed for you. To match your needs and budget with our design options, you have to choose from one of our three design levels – basic, designed or artistic. Then your design will take one or two days to be finished and sent to our long-term manufacturers.


We work with leading US factories, which work with the finest wooden material to produce a sturdy wooden sign that will not only impress with its size, but its craftsmanship. All wooden signs are bio-degradable after their lifecycle ends, so you not only brand yourself in a stylish way, but also care for the environment.


Have you set your heart on a wooden sign already? Then go right up ahead and reach us at 617-254-9600 for further details. Sign Center Boston is always ready to take on the next big project in construction.

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