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  • Metal A-Frames in Boston, MA

Sometimes you need something mobile, sleek and durable to express your business, inform of a particular event or instruct in an understated way. For years, metal a-frames have been used with great success and Sign Center Boston can help you nab a metal a-frame that will be your trusty helper with promotion for years on end.


You order a metal a-frame from Sign Center Boston and you get a two-sided frame, which has been made with rust-resistant metal and a solid coating to protect it from scratching, weather conditions and stains. The metal a frame functions perfectly as a pavement sign, a sidewalk sign, a driveway sign, an entryway sign, a sandwich board sign and many others. It’s this pure diversity that makes it suitable for every business – gas stations, convenience stores, parking garages, arenas and car washes.


You’re looking at the perfect broadcast for your message as it will be placed directly on the streets and new roads where everyone will notice what you want to say. The possibilities to customize the metal a frame are endless. Order a specific design and received the final draft in less than two days. Once approved, your metal a-frame enters production helmed by our US partners, who work the purest of metals to achieve a balanced design that can withstand winds and physical damage.


For more information about ordering your metal a-frame, please call us at 617-254-9600 to work out the details and select one of our three design level that matches your budget for the project.

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