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Stores and supermarkets have it difficult when it comes to showing their wares to customers – as they have so many to show. The fastest way to lead your customers to their desired product and manage traffic at the same time is through the strategic placement of Point of Purchase or so-called Point of Sale Posters. These are the posters that whet your customers’ appetite and draws them to a ware in a second.


Sign Center Boston has experience with designing and printing posters for two full decades and understand the perfect balance of bright, engaging graphics and corporate branding to get the desired effect. Whether you want banners, paper posters, or posters mounted on foamcore or gaterfoam, we have a design solution for you. You can see our gallery with finished design works to see what we can do.


Commission a design and you receive the finished concept in under two days thanks to our team’s strategic place in Bulgaria, which is 7 hours ahead of US time. You have a deadline on the horizon? We’re your speedy solution. To simplify the design process, we offer you three levels of design – basic, designed and artistic. Each level has been tailored to match budgets of all sizes – from modest to generous. You still get quality service as all point of purchase posters are printed by leading US manufacturers, who work with the latest digital printing technology.


Are you read to move some units fast? Then call us at 617-254-9600 and we’ll discuss the future of your facility’s interior design!

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