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Museums are the treasuries of human culture. They deserve to present their prized collections with flair and style. By definition, museums are vast and majestic – leaving sprawling marble walls empty. Museum owners, this is your chance to use this space to your advantage and do some redecorating!Sign Center Boston has the vision, skills and means to accessorize your museum.


The possibilities to accentuate your exhibits know no limit. You can hang exciting posters to announce special events and travelling exhibitions. Or bring a dash of high definition beauty with a photo mural. You can inform visitors of where they find themselves with elegant vinyl lettering or illuminated light boxes. These solutions can be applied in every room including those meant only for employees like conference and break rooms.


Sign Center Boston works with every signage type available and allows for infinite custom signs to be produced. You’re the one in charge! Everything from the materials and dimensions to design and colors lies within your jurisdiction. We offer a three tier system that offers you a choice between three design levels – basic, designed and artistic, which promise a different design approach based on your budget size.


The production time has been reduced significantly. Our teams work 7 hours ahead of US time and manage a turnaround of two days on average. Then the actual production is sent to trusted American partners with years under their belt. In no time, your museum is going to be the center stage. 


Let your museum become the beating heart of the cultural scene! Give is a call at 617-254-9600 to talk the details of your project.

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