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  • Commercial Vehicle Lettering in Boston, MA

Business owners in Boston how heavily regulated commercial cars are. If you own a company vehicle used by your employees or yourself, you have to comply with the set-in-stone Boston commercial requirements. Every vehicle has to carry a company name, address and telephone number in plain few. Only then can you use the commercial parking spots allotted to company cars around the great city of Boston.


Sign Center Boston offers you an elegant solution to meet these requirements. Our computer-cut vinyl letters can grace any side of your company vehicle. Depending on your vehicle and its paint job, our designer will create the optimal lettering in terms of font, size and color. This dedication to detail provides you with an easy-to-spot sign that stands out but doesn’t clash with your vehicle’s paintjob.


For the past two decades, we’ve worked with the top US manufacturers and we can guarantee vinyl lettering that lasts the passage of time and withstands severe weather as well as chips, scratches and friction. For as long your vehicles remain active, they will proudly carry your company’s name. You can find most of our design options online complete with a simple to use price calculator and even an option to order online.


Custom jobs can be arranged over phone. Just call us at 617-254-9600 to discuss your ideas. We operate on a simple three tier design system that selects the appropriate level of design to match with your budget size. Whether you’re brand new or established, you still get durable and stylish vinyl lettering with Sign Center Boston.

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