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  • Trade Show Truss Displays in Boston, MA

Trade shows require travel, setting up and getting the crowd excited about your products, but wouldn’t it be beneficial to market and promote your product even before you set up? Sign Center Boston is proud to announce a series of truss designs, which advertise your company on your cases and lights. You’re selling yourself from the minute you arrive on the scene, not the moment you set your booth. Talk about staying ahead of the competition.

All designs in this category are custom jobs, which require the exact dimension of your cases, tubes and any other solid container you’re bringing with yourself on the road. With this data, our design teams take on to work your brand identity on your cases with speed and agility. On average, we provide finished designs in a manner of two days. The veteran designers in our team have been working with us since we first opened doors, twenty two years ago and they know exactly how to translate your business on these unique and diverse canvases.

To accommodate all budgets, you can choose a tier from our special pricing system that offers different levels of design service, so you can brandish a premium product at a price you can afford. We print designs with high grade digital printing technology that guarantee longevity of your designs. All commissions go to top US manufacturers with history of excellence and outstanding results.

Have you decided on your truss design? If so, then you can always find us at 617-254-9600 to talk details.


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