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  • Custom Made Light Boxes in Boston, MA

Sometimes it takes a little something extra to attract the attention your business deserves and in such cases, light boxes come in handy. What makes light boxes perfect as beacons for your message, promotions or contests is their durability in all weather conditions. Also it helps that they shine like beacons of hope and service in any visibility. Make a shining example of your example with a simplistic, minimalistic light box. There’s a reason it’s called a classic.

What’s good about light boxes is that come in standard sizes for many purposes. Whether you want to house posters or attach on top of a pole, we have the light box for your need. Have a look through the available sizes and models and select your ideal choice. You can also get in touch for a complete custom light box for a special exhibition purpose. Where there is need Sign Center Boston helps fulfill it.

You can trust your design to our established teams. Send us your concept and you’ll have a finished concept in less than two days. Yes, this is how fast we operate. We work with local design teams. All the projects end in the hands of capable US manufacturers who work towards ensuring a quality product with energy efficient design and exterior that lasts in all weather conditions.

For more information on custom projects, you can call us at 617-254-9600. Depending on the budget, you’re working with, we can offer the corresponding level of design from our three-tier system.

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