More than just knowledge, we offer high quality service for all your needs. This means we’re dedicated to making things easier for you. We do the research, we are there making suggestions, offering alternatives, working with you to create a final, unique product.

A complete Photography studio, on-site for the fastest turnaround.

A creative way to present your message in visual format. We can help meet and exceed your expectations for a sign.

Information, signs particularly, can have more impact and meaning depending on how it is presented. From font selection and colors, to the creative use of space, even the smallest jobs can be improved by good design. We know signs, graphics and displays, and will help you from start to finish.

A broad category that spans all digital manipulation of electronic images and photos.

Digital Imaging is a broad category that spans all manipulation of electronic graphic files.

While we will always review the validity of your files to make sure they output correctly, we do offer some specialty services. We work with up to date applications including Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, Freehand, and PageMaker.


To get the maximum output resolution when printing at large format, it?s necessary to have a good resolution to start with. If you don?t have access to a scanner, or don?t feel you?ll get the quality your image deserves, we can scan at the proper resolutions for you.

Retouching and Color Correction
Some of your photos and images may be perfect for what you have in mind, except for that ugly reflection or color distortion. Let us know, we may be able to help by retouching it to your specifications.

Upgrading the Quality of an Image
Many images from less-than-perfect sources are not suitable for large-format reproduction. These can include low resolution web files, cheap Polaroids, or noisy digital images. Our experts can interpolate and correct these images and make them usable for any purpose you may have in mind. Contact us to find out what we can do.

We offer a variety of finishing services to make your products look their best.

Our Digital Printing department offers a variety of finishing services to make your products look their best.

Depending on your needs, we offer mounting services to a variety of materials; black or white Gatorfoam, Aluminum, PVC, Plexiglass, and others for specialty applications.

Laminating a product increases the durability and appeal for many products. Add a Glossy finish to get that added attention, a Matte finish to avoid those annoying glares, or a Satin finish to create a softened look.

Custom Trimming
Along with mounting images, we can trim them to unique shapes. Get noticed with life-sized cut-outs and interesting shapes on the wall.

No digital reproduction is complete without proper presentation. In some cases that means framing and matting an image to create Fine Art.

We provide professional installation for all our products; signs, banners, digital prints, vinyl lettering, and vehicle graphics. Our portfolio includes:

We can take care of all sign and sidewalk permits, and police details.

Our shop is located in Boston, MA, but through our membership with the International Sign Association (ISA), we have contacts all over the country and can arrange the installation. Depending on your needs, Union or Non-Union labor can be used.