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For business owners who operate a store, supermarket or mall, you need an easy to install and remove advertisement, which moves units and sell as many products as possible. Windowed areas are the perfect surface to spread word about a new promotion, special sale or contest. As you will be changing information regularly, an easy to remove window poster is the easiest way to manage the flow of information and always keep your customers informed.


With Sign Center Boston you have a rich selection of design options to adorn your windows with. There are the standard paper posters, which can be further mounted special foamcore orgaterfoam for extra durability, vinyl banner that is easy to hang or adhesive vinyl suitable for both exterior and interior windows. You have freedom to specify sizes, colors as well as the actual aesthetic - perforated, solid, static cling, or transperant.


These window posters bring a bit of attitude, a sense of atmosphere as well as promote and inform. What more can you need? We work on design with already established graphic work you have ready or we can design your posters from scratch. On average, we hand you the finished design for approval in under two days and then send it off for printing to the leading US manufacturers who have worked with us for the better part of twenty years.


Are you ready to upgrade your promotional campaign with window posters that are going to a showstopper? Then gives us a call at 617-254-9600.

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