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Do you want to stand out with your company’s message? Do you want your ideas and words persevere and be around for years? Then the solution is simple – develop your own plexi sign. Acrylic glass (Plexiglas) is one idea above the classic plastic logos and signs. It’s work-ready material that allows for experimentation in design with eye-catching results. You can mount your prints on or behind glass for different effects.

Sign Centre Boston supports a variety of sizes making this the perfect decision for everything from wall murals to site plans, architectural designs, development plots, real estate displays, and photographic mounting. You can browse through our catalog to see the variety of sizes, colors and mount options available to you. Create your ideal plexi sign, calculate its price and order it online in a matter of minutes. Your convenience is our greatest goal.

All signs are produced with collaboration with US factories, which have worked with us for more than twenty years and together we have served thousands upon thousands of companies and individuals in all fields and industries. Our plexi signs are made from the most resilient material and boast the following characteristics:

  • optical clarity – polished and gleaming, this material is completely transparent
  • weather resistance – excellent for outdoor displays
  • impact strength – no one can vandalize your company’s message
  • thermal and electrical insulation – extending the sign’s life with years
  • chemical and corrosion resistance – incredibly tough to all sorts of accidents

And the best part is that everyone can have their high quality plexi sign, because we cater to budgets of all sizes. Give us a call at 617-254-9600 to learn more about our three tier design system adjusted for marketing budgets of all sizes.

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