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Your logo is your identity and when you want to make a memorable statement, you might want to go for something that lasts. Metal logos are just the thing, if you want to write your name in something more strong and durable than stone. Incredibly stylish and available for customization and creativity, metal logos remain a staple for companies with iron principles and tenacity. Nothing imposes your strength and motivation to win in your field than a giant metal logo.

You have complete freedom of choice as we’re ready to work the metal any way you want. A company dedicated to meeting everyone’s needs and budgets, we provide diverse solutions to those who appreciate quality. The signature design we’ve perfected over the twenty years in business is the popular and show-stopping brushed metal look.

This we achieve with either a solid metal or laminate glued onto a less expensive material that looks like the real deal to those who are none the wiser. Depending on your specifications, we can incorporate brushed metal as the background for a cut vinyl logo or for dimensional logos and letters in interior business signage. Did we mention brushed metal comes in silver and gold finishes?

Your imagination is the limit, because our designers have worked on over 5000 projects and can bring any idea into a tasteful design. Production-wise, we have teamed up with leading US factories – all dominant forces in their respective niches. You can count on a production schedule that meets your needs and an end product that stands the test of time.

Have you set your eyes on a metal logo for your company? Gives us a call at 617-254-9600 to discuss your project.

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