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  • Sidewalk Floor Graphics in Boston, MA

Street advertising doesn’t end with just posters, window displays and wall signs. You have a powerful advertising surface that instantly creates interest in pedestrians – sidewalk graphics! Easy to install, subtle and yet effective. You can create a special promotion that is left like breadcrumbs leading right to your front doors! It’s effective, innovative and speaks highly of your business – whether you mean to direct people to your office or just leave a calling card.


Please direct your attention to our completed projects to better understand how we work and we can accomplish for you. There are three levels of design we offer – basic, designed and artistic – created to cater to all budget sizes. You still get a professional service, but one that is best tailored to your spending ability. On average we provide finished designs in two days and production is then given to our established US factories for a quick turnaround.


Sidewalk graphics are designed for heavy duty traffic. Your graphics are printed on a 3M adhesive vinyl – a substance with enough grip to hold onto porous surface during all weather conditions, but still easy to remove when not needed. At the same time, your graphics boast a heavy-duty scuff and slip-resistant laminate to ensure the safety of pedestrians and design. All signs pass the federal safety checks with ease.


Have you set your heart on chasing pavements with advertisements? Then gives us a call on 617-254-9600 to discuss the nature of your project. Sign Center Boston is ready to conquer the streets in your business’ name.

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