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  • Construction Sandwich Boards in Boston, MA

Construction company owners know that not every project involves a spacious site that is out of the way. Some construction work takes place on the sidewalk or in the busy streets and the best way to signal your work-in-progress is not through a banner or aluminum signs. You’re in need of something static, mobile and cost-effective. The solution is a standard sandwich board.


You benefit from the fact that it’s incredibly light and you can carry and place whenever you are about to start work. It doesn’t need any installation and it can be made from any material and host everything from a simple picture, to complex graphic image to a sign in bold. Your possibilities are endless. Approach us with a finished design or request a custom job. Sign Center Boston works well in both situations.


For custom designs, we’ve taken your budget into consideration when we created our three level design system. The levels – basic, design and artistic – provide you with a truly elegant solution that grabs the eye adjusted to your budget’s site. You still have the choice over what goes on the sandwich board and what it’s made of.


Production time have been reduced to just a few days thanks to our experience in the field for the past two decades. All boards are fabricated from top materials, which deliver durability and resilience to the elements and physical damage.


Are you ready to make yourself known as easy as possible? Great! Call us at 617-254-9600 to talk your project in great detail.

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