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What’s better than a banner you can take around trade shows and show off? A banner that is a chameleon, which can switch from one image to another. The projection banner is the banner for the business owner who has way too many products, services and products, but needs to travel light. This banner is a step up the evolutionary chain as it involves standard projection technology that adjusts the image on the canvas.

For those who have set their eyes on the projection banner, let us tell you how we can help. Sign Center Boston can manufacture banners and banner stands in a variety of dimensions and shapes, depending on what you want to showcase. You can take a look through our own catalogue and choose the size that you find agreeable. The price calculator gives you accurate information on the price range and you can even purchase your model online. We work with established factories across the US to bring to you banners that have a long life ahead of them.

You can also request the designs from us. Since they will be projected, they don’t need to be printed and will take only two days to design. This phenomenal speed is achieved thanks to our teams’ experience with graphic design and their location in Bulgaria, benefiting from the 7-hour time difference to start as early as possible. All designs are fitted to match the banner and give an optimal visual.

If you have set your heart on a projector banner, then please give us a call 617-254-9600 to work out the details.

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