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  • Plasticade A-Frames

The handy plasticade is among the easiest promotional materials to acquire and customize to reflect your business. You can order one to direct customers your way, inform of a brand new product available, run a contest or announce a promotional sale. Either way, you have one of the fastest way to draw the attention of passerby. All plasticades catch the eye with their light frame and bright colors. What better way to invite new people to your side?


The plasticades come in a rich number of sizes and colors, making it a fresh new addition to any storefront and street business. Light and highly portable, you can gain extreme mobility to position your plasticade at strategic places and switch places all the time. You can also adorn the plasticade with any promotional material you want – posters, vinyl graphics and lettering. Tell us your idea and leave the creation to us. You receive the finished designs in two days as our designers work in Bulgaria – a good 7 hours ahead of America.


All production has been entrusted to leading US manufacturers who seek out to use only the greenest means possible to bring you durable, recyclable plasticades by the number. You can see all available models online, get a price with our price calculator and even order online, if you so desire.


Still, if you’re looking for a customized job, then you can give us a ring at 617-254-9600 to talk over the specifics of your project. Take advantage with this handy, cost-effective ad space now!

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